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Fire Alarm Systems

We supply, install, commission and maintain Fire Alarms in accordance to BS 5839 and are designed to exact requirements and specifications as required by the customer. Our call out service offers full access of an engineer 24 hours a day, either for telephone advice or site visit with most calls being attended to within 2 hours (depending on location). We service new and existing systems, and we offer competitive prices. All services are carried out by pre-booked appointments. We are pleased to take over existing systems and are confident of being more competitive than your existing provider. We carry out a full survey to ensure we can access and have spares for your system prior to taking over your maintenance.


Emergency Lighting

We design, supply, install and service emergency lighting to your needs. We carry out maintenance on emergency lighting in accordance with BS5266, they should be given a 3 hour duration test simulating mains failure to the lights to ensure that the back up batteries function and keep the light working and a monthly flick test of which we can instruct your staff on how to do this. We now install LED Fittings these are more economical to run and give a brighter light and are very competitively priced.


Fire Extinguishers

We supply and install fire extinguishers in accordance to BS 5306. We carry out annual maintenance of fire extinguishers at competitive prices.  We offer a service exchange facility so when an extinguisher needs discharging at intervals, we take the old unit away and leave you with a brand new unit. We are now approved distributors of the Firexo All Fires Fire Extinguishers which can be used on all classes of fire to avoid confusion.


Nurse Call Systems

We supply, install and maintain Nurse Call Systems, both hard-wired and radio. We specialise in Quantec, Intercall and Medicare. All systems can have pendants, pressure mats, PIR Units, and specialist equipment such as breath switches added to them. We have a team of experienced engineers to carry out the servicing of nurse call systems in residential homes. 


Access Control & Door Closers

We supply, install and service Door Entry Systems and Access Systems. We also supply, install and replace Door Closers - electromagnetic or manual specialising in Geze, Briton and Dogards. We stock a range of replacement parts as are aware of the security implications if a door does not hold close and so can usually rectify on the initial call out.


Portable Appliance Testing

We test portable appliances and carry out minor repairs, with a full log of items listed and a full test report is issued. Prices can be per appliance or on a day rate. Our engineers are fully qualified to carry out Portable Appliance Testing.

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Fire Risk Assessments

A fire risk assessment is an assessment of your premises in terms of fire safety hazards to both people and property. You are required to produce a clear and concise assessment detailing a prioritised action plan showing exactly what fire risks have been identified and how to minimise them to provide a safer working environment. We can carry these out for you and provide you with the detailed assessment.

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